Cohen Center

Cohen Center for Kansas History

The Cohen Center for Kansas History is dedicated to preserving resources in Kansas and inspiring research in Kansas History. The center is in the southeast alcove of the Learning Resource Center on the main campus and is the result of the generosity of Barton P. and Dr. Mary Davidson Cohen of Leawood, Kansas. 

The Cohens not only donated the funds to renovate the portion of the library which is now the Cohen Center, but also the more than 1,200 books that currently comprise the collection. It is the dream of the Cohens and Barton Community College that these donations provide the foundation for an ever growing collection and a library that is constantly evolving as the center of information for Barton and the communities it serves.

Visitors are welcomed to the Cohen Center. To ensure that appropriate staff and resources are available, the library requests that arrangements be made prior to the visit. Details on arranging the the visit as well as parameters for use of the center are found in the Cohen Center Usage Policies and Procedures.