Fall on campus

Academic Enrichment Fund Campaign

Barton Community College changes lives and helps shape the communities we love

Life changing opportunities that will impact their future and therefore the future of their communities await students of all ages at Barton Community College. However, as with any mission of noble intent, it does not just happen. It comes from the hard work and planning not only of our students, but also of a core of volunteers, donors, and community leaders like yourself willing to make a commitment to Barton Community College.
The Barton Foundation asks for your support in its fundraising efforts. The Foundation assists the College in its mission to advance learning that improves not only the economic, social, and personal lives of individuals, but also their contribution to society.

The Academic Enrichment Fund campaign is an annual appeal for private charitable support to provide the extra resources necessary for academic scholarships and program enhancements at Barton. Donors (that's you!) have the opportunity to designate the program, department or area of interest that they would like to support with their gift.

These students go into our communities and make a difference everyday.

That change starts here.

And it starts with you.


The AEF offers life changing opportunities that will impact the lives of Barton students and therefore impact the communities they will serve in the future. Please consider this opportunity to contribute to a student's success by contacting Lindsey Bogner at (620) 786-1141 or bognerl@bartonccc.edu. You can also donate online here