Aspire statue outside the Shafer Art Gallery

Letter from the Executive Director


Coleen CapeEvery time I look out my door, this phrase is emblazoned in large black letters on the southeast wall of our office.  I find this statement both powerful and prophetic – truly a mantra for the mission of the foundation.

During the many years I have been with the Foundation office, I have been witness to amazing acts of generosity, foresight and true philanthropy.  Giving from the heart, often to those you will never know, and expecting nothing in return except the gratification that you have touched the life of another, is the true meaning of unselfishness.

All of these gifts regardless of size or purpose have one thing in common, they speak volumes about the life of the donor.  That voice continues to speak and be heard long after they no longer have a voice of their own. Each gift becomes a living thing, growing and reaching far beyond anything the donor could have imagined. 

I could not be more proud to have this opportunity to continue the work of the Foundation; to build on existing relationships and cultivate new ones.  I truly believe everyone is born with a desire to help others and to make a difference in any way they can.  It is the mission of the Foundation to assist them in making the choices they need to leave a legacy for future generations so they may always find a way to Let Your Life Speak.

If you wish to know more about the Foundation, the work we do and how we can help you make a difference, just call my office or stop in if you are on campus.

Coleen Cape
Executive Director of Institutional Advancement